We are currently 6 weeks out on barrel cover delivery.


Keep your covers looking good

Helpful tips and care instructions for your stretch products. 

All of our stretch products are machine washable in cold water and hang to dry.  Please do not:  Iron, Dry Clean, or Bleach. 

Barrel Cover Tips

  • Check your barrel rims and sides for rust or sharp edges.  If you find some, grab your trusty duct tape and cover.  We recommend wrapping your top rim with duct tape all the way around as it makes it easy to slip the covers off and on without worry of a snag.  
  • Do not allow little cow kids to sit on top of the barrels with their spurs on... bad things can happen to the side of your covers.  
  • Slip the covers off if you roll the barrels along the ground, even on arena sand. They are so easy to slip back on no need to risk damaging them.  

Table Cover Tips

  • Ensure your table cover legs are set inside the durable leg pockets provided.
  • Take care not to slide your table once the cover is on, lifting it up to move it will ensure you do not shift the stretch fabric under the legs where it can get damaged.