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CowKids | Cowboy Cody

CowKids | Cowboy Cody

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Cowboy Cody is our introduction to the cowboy himself.  This well written Cowkid book will steal your lil' cowboy's heart.  

We love this book for a few reasons - the author, Becky Wigemyr, is a Mother of a little cowboy, and Wife to a Professional Team Roper.  The Illustrator, Dane Larocque, is also a fellow rodeo competitor with an amazing eye for detail and realism.  With phrases like "I tuck my chin..." and "the crowd goes wild" it is not only genuinely Cowboy, but it puts your children right inside the story like a true cowkid.   If your youngster loves this one, check out Rope, Sleep, Repeat too!


About the story:

Cody desperately wants to be a cowboy...there's just one problem. 
He lives in the city! 
Ride along with Cody as he discovers that with grit and determination, our wildest and woolliest dreams can come true.


 Cowboy Cody will convince readers that Willie Nelson was wrong! 

Mamas...PLEASE let your babies grow up to be Cowboys! 

Cowboys are AWESOME!! 


This is an exciting western adventure for the littlest cowboys and cowgirls - written especially for the countless children who dream of riding, roping and rodeo. 
A sweet story of perseverance and good, old-fashioned cowboy 'grit', Cowboy Cody will spur young readers to saddle up, rope their dreams and always enjoy that victory lap. 
Buy it now for the little cowgirl or cowboy in your life!