With the uncertainty of shipping, please order covers with a much longer lead times.

Our Elite Pro Series Stretch Barrel Cover, with a Featured Barrel Cover Design.  Elite stretch custom barrel covers.   These covers are part of our Elite Pro Series Covers.   Great for barrel races, barrel jackpots, rodeos, mounted shooting competitions and any other equine event with barrel covers.   Barrel wraps and covers are a great way to spruce up your event and show off your sponsors.
Barrel Covers | Elite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Elite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Elite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Elite Stretch | Set of 3

Barrel Covers | Elite Stretch | Set of 3

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You're looking at our most loved barrel covers.  What a great choice!

Our carefully selected, heavy, stretch, fabric paired with bright high resolution printing makes our Elite Stretch Barrel Covers the most popular covers on the market. They are easy to slip on, look stunning and can be layered to change sponsors quickly during a drag.  When it's all over, pop them in the wash and they are fresh for next time!

These covers look great with your own print ready, high resolution artwork.  Or....

Do you want a top notch cover?  Then the Elite Pro Series is for you!   Our elite stretch fabric is paired with custom designed art crafted by the Cross Three team creating barrel covers that are guaranteed to amaze!   With printing that infuses into the fabric core, and a unique vibrant design, the Elite Pro Series is sure to be your crowd-sponsor-photographer-ground crew pleaser of the event!  

Our art team creates your unique design centered around the look of your choice. Built to compliment your main logos and showcase your sponsors, vividly, so they are happy to get your call for the next event.  No idea where to start?  You're not alone!  Check out our gallery for inspiration and send our team some photos of covers you like and we can take it from there! 

Rush Orders can ship as soon as 7 business days and are the only covers with a guaranteed delivery date.  Standard Delivery is approx. 30 business days. Canadian customers can also arrange for shipping from Alberta.  

Unsure which covers are the right fit?  Please contact us and we will be happy to help you out! 

Pro Art - We will create a custom design for you

Customer Art Provided - you have already created print ready artwork and want to submit it.  Our team will not make any changes to this. After ordering please email a link to high resolution art for us to download.  We are not responsible for poor print quality from customer provided artwork.  


Rush orders are the only orders since COVID that are guaranteed by a certain date. We will do our best to have all standard delivery orders shipped within 4 weeks.  

4th Cover

This is an extra cover at a cost savings price with the same design as your other covers. 


Bottom of Cover

This is an extra long cover with a tight bottom to wrap under the barrel and hold your covers securely in place when the barrel setters are picking up and moving the covers.   This is a personal preference, as some people love having this feature, while others are happy with the standard wraps that reach to the bottom of most metal barrels.  

Top of Cover

This options gives you either a Full cover all over the barrel - top and side- or the Open Top is like a wrap around the side of the barrel.  Our unique fabric stays in up on it's own if you choose the open top option.