With the uncertainty of shipping, please order covers with a much longer lead times.

Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3
Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3

Barrel Covers | Lite Stretch | Set of 3

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Economical Barrel Covers For Your Event & Sponsors  

Our Lite Barrel Covers are made from a carefully selected stretch fabric that provides a vibrant color while still being budget friendly. Our Lite Covers are an economical option to keep money in your payout pool. Created with our producers in mind, we wanted to offer an alternative to our Elite Covers with different design options and a quick order process.   

Ordering is a Snap:

1) Select options and complete your checkout
2) Complete design form - sent via email
3) Email your logos to us outlining their priority & placement
4) Watch for your artwork proof within 1-2 business days

That's it!  Super Simple, Super Quick, Super Done!


Design Information:

Copy Cat Series:  Select from one of 4 fun backgrounds and then our art team will place your event logo, main sponsors, and other sponsors on top in a layout that meets your requests. These are fun option to our Lite covers with more background choices. Only 1 proof is included, so please be specific in your design requests form. (you will receive info on this once your order is placed)

Basic Art Covers: Our Basic Covers are an economical option to keep money in your payout pool. Created with our producers in mind, we wanted to offer an alternative to our Elite Covers with a simple design and quick order process. ***Please note: only logos can be added to artwork. There are no special edits or custom work on this package. Images can not be added.

Customer Provided Print Ready Art: No extra art charges.  Cross Three is not responsible for the quality of the artwork printed.  It is  your responsibility to provide high resolution or true vector print quality artwork.   

If you select a design option where Cross Three is created the artwork you will receive a design details link after checkout, that will allow you to send us your preferred colors, logo placements, and email your logo files.

 ***Please note: only logos can be added to artwork.  There are no special edits or custom work and images can not be added to any of these design options.

If you would like custom covers please check out our Elite Covers.

Rush Orders can ship as soon as 7 business days and are the only covers with a guaranteed delivery date.  Standard Delivery is approx. 30 business days. Canadian customers can also arrange for shipping from Alberta. 


Rush orders are the only orders since COVID that are guaranteed by a certain date. We will do our best to have all standard delivery orders shipped within 4 weeks.  

Copy Cat - select from one of our design templates, and we will add your logos to that artwork.  These backgrounds can not be adjusted in any way, your text or logos can be placed where ever you'd like and in whatever size you'd like. 

Basic Art - Our team will change the background to match your color scheme.  For example: You want red, white and blue covers, we will create the 3 rings in red white and blue and then add your logos on the artwork where ever you would like them placed.  If you would like purple and yellow covers, we will adjust the colors to be purple and yellow and place your logos on where ever you would like them.

Customer Art Provided - you have already created print ready artwork and want to submit it.  Our team will not make any changes to this. After ordering please email a link to high resolution art for us to download.  We are not responsible for poor print quality from customer provided artwork.  

4th Cover

This is an extra cover at a cost savings price with the same design as your other covers.  


Top of Cover

This options gives you either a Full cover all over the barrel - top and side- or the Open Top is like a wrap around the side of the barrel.  Our unique fabric stays in up on it's own if you choose the open top option.

Bottom of Cover

This is an extra long cover with a tight bottom to wrap under the barrel and hold your covers securely in place when the barrel setters are picking up and moving the covers.   This is a personal preference, as some people love having this feature, while others are happy with the standard wraps that reach to the bottom of most metal barrels.